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What is Addiction?

Addiction is a crippling illness that affects millions of people worldwide. It is a growing concern in a society that does not discourage enjoying things in excess. Addiction does not have to be a substance. One can have an addiction to shopping or gambling or sex. It is important that the addiction is recognized and acknowledged in order for recovery to begin.

An addiction can take many forms, and may include more than one substance or behaviour. There is no one cause for addiction. Some use substances for self medication, an escape from their mental illness symptoms. Others use substances to cope with past traumas. No matter the cause, addiction has a detrimental affect on your life and the lives of those that care about you.

The root causes of the addiction can vary from person to person, but the outcomes are generally the same. Addiction can cause:

  • poorer quality of life
  • strained relationships
  • health problems
  • unemployment
  • financial instability
  • homelessness
  • an overall decline in wellbeing and stability

Addiction can ruin your life, making what used to be important to you come second to your addiction.Getting your next fix will come before your family, friends, job, and wellbeing. It is important during recovery for you to seek help in regaining balance and harmony in your life.

What sets me apart from other Addictions Counsellors?

My approach to therapy during recovery is building self-esteem and healthy boundaries. I feel that it is important to look at all aspects of your life and work on creating balance and wellness in all aspects, not just stopping the addiction. I want to inspire you to make the changes that are necessary to lead a healthy and whole life. With love, hope, acceptance, and faith, recovery is possible for anyone.

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