Inner Child Work | Therapeutic Recovery Process

Inner child work refers to healing the childlike aspect of yourself. The inner child aspect includes everything that you have learned and experienced as a child before puberty.

Inner child work can be an extremely therapeutic and valuable part of the recovery process. Many individuals have experienced various forms of abuse and trauma that can predispose them to develop an addiction later in their life. These experiences may be buried by your inner child in order to protect your daily functioning. However, burying these experiences can do more harm than good. The residual effects of your past dysfunction often times influences your current dysfunction and this is why it is an important part of yourself to explore during recovery and other therapeutic experiences.

Through inner child work we can explore these experiences in a safe and secure environment, which can help you come to terms with the influence that they have had in your life. We can work to develop a strong and trusting therapeutic relationship in which you can feel secure in knowing that our sessions come without judgement and discrimination. By re-establishing a healthy connection with your inner child, we can work together on combating the behaviours, thoughts and emotions that are triggered by your past experiences. By re-learning how to connect with your inner child, you can make strides towards a successful recovery. Together we can work towards change and creating the life that you want to live.

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