Person-Centered Therapy (PCT) | Stronger Sense of Self

Person-centered therapy (PCT) is a form of talk-psychotherapy that is used to help a you develop a stronger sense of self. By developing a stronger sense of self, you can come to terms with how your effort to find your true potential is negatively affecting your attitudes, feelings, and behaviours.

I create a genuine and empathetic environment for you which makes this approach to therapy more effective. It is important that you are open to exploring your feelings and behaviours, knowing that you are free of approval or disapproval. Our sessions are a chance for you to experiment and find your true self. PCT is a non-directive approach, meaning that we work together in the problem solving process.

By developing a strong relationship, this approach will be more effective. This approach has been criticized by other therapists and professionals. However, it has proven to be an effective and popular treatment option.

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