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Relationships are not all romantic dinners and late night talking. They
involve a complicated dance. It is about two becoming one, learning how to
move in sync with each other, as well as with the rest of the world. Yes,
couples do fight and it is all a part of combining lives and making
compromises. But there is a difference between fighting in a healthy
relationship, and fighting in a toxic relationship.

Relationships are about communication and trust. When one or both of these
is broken, the relationship starts to dwindle. Competition is another piece
that comes into play in relationships. Competing with one another leads not
only to arguments, but hurt feelings and heartbreak.

As partners, we need to learn how to fight fairly. Without doing things to
intentionally hurt the other person that we love and care about. A lot of
these defensive and aggressive reactions are based in our feelings left
over from previous relationships, both romantic and otherwise. It is
important that you can recognize these feelings and express them in a
constructive, rather than destructive way.

This is where couples therapy and/or relationship therapy comes into play.
Relationship counselling is different from couples therapy in that it
explores differences and patterns of behaviour and distress between the
people involved in the relationship. Relationship counselling is not
strictly for romantic relationships either. It can be for you and a family
member, or coworker, or anyone else you have a relationship with.

Couples therapy is similar to relationship counselling in that it is
exploring the relationship of two people. However, it is different in that
it explores your feelings and behaviours that are present due to previous
toxic relationships. By exploring these feelings and behaviours, you can
gain a better understanding of who you are and how you function within a

It is true that no relationship is perfect. There will be arguments and
disagreements, but it is what you do during and after those arguments and
disagreements that will make the biggest difference. Our sessions will be a
safe and secure place for both of you to express your feelings and
concerns, free of judgement. We can work on and role play difficult
scenarios in order to develop a plan of action if these come up outside of
therapy. By being better prepared for these situations, you and your
partner can more constructively handle a situation rather than ending up
with hurt feelings. This is all in the process of working on a happier and
healthier you. Together you and your partner can work towards a deeper
understanding and appreciation with each other.

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